Silver Refining

As one of the largest silver refiners in the country, we refine junk silver coins, sterling silver flatware, serving dishes, and sterling silver jewelry.

Gold Refining

With higher payout consumers have found Arch's gold refining to be an attractive alternative to middlemen brokers & online cash for gold operators.

Silver & Gold

This calculator tool provides an approximate value for the amount of fine silver or gold in your items.

How to Ship
Precious Metal

Follow these five simple steps to ship precious metal materials such as gold and silver jewelry, coins, flatware, and more to Arch Enterprises’ refining location in Mexico, Missouri.


As a trusted x-ray film refiner of silver bearing films, we serve large photographic film producers and 8 of the country’s largest hospital groups for x-ray film refining.

Industrial Scrap

From plating sludge to chemical catalysts, we have the precious metal refining technology to efficiently recover the precious metals used in your operation.

Specialists In Precious Metal Refining

Arch Enterprises is a highly qualified precious metal refiner in the United States. We use proven techniques and skilled technicians to refine gold, silver, and platinum right here in our centrally located precious metal refining facility in the heart of Missouri. We have the capabilities to refine large and small quantities of precious metals and can handle low-grade to high-grade material.

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Markets We Serve

Gold Buyers

Gold party operators and gold buyers benefit from our higher payouts on large volume shipments and our expertise in gold refining.


Arch Enterprises works with dental offices, laboratories, and individuals all over the country to recycle scrap dental gold in gold teeth, crowns, & bridges.


We refine platinum catheter tips, lab crucibles, angioplasty guide wires, electrodes, and other items used in hospitals and laboratories.


We refine precious metals in scrap jewelry, components, bench sweeps, and grindings, as well as recycle silver oxide batteries.

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