Arch Enterprises Earns Endorsment by Kansas Dental Association

Arch Enterprises, Inc. became endorsed by the Kansas Dental Association on April 4, 2008. We are now endorsed by the Missouri Dental Association (MDA) and the Kansas Dental Association (KDA) for refining of gold, silver and other precious metals.

As part of our endorsement contract Arch will offer MDA and KDA members special refining programs for scrap dental gold, amalgams and any other precious metals the dentist would like refined.

We will also make a monetary contribution to KDA and MDA for each member#sq#s shipment that we receive and process. We recognize the need for a reputable refiner to service the states of Kansas and Missouri and believe this program will help KDA and MDA members benefit from the services Arch Enterprises already offers the dental community nation-wide.

Please contact us for additional information at 1-800-835-0478 or email at

Please Visit Us at the Heart of America Dental Symposium hosted by KDA and MDA on June 26-28, 2008 Branson, MO.