Sell Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)

We refine scrap platinum group metals (PGMs) from many industries and from many sources. Platinum is an integral part of many medical devices and is also located in specialty wires, aerospace, aircraft parts, chemical catalysts, and jewelry. We buy scrap platinum in all of these forms and refine each customer’s material individually. We don’t estimate your platinum value. We actually conduct platinum recovery & refining at our in-house platinum recovery facility so you are guaranteed accurate returns and the highest possible payment.

If you are looking where to sell platinum scrap, our platinum recovery process is done with advanced hydrometallurgical techniques by a highly-trained staff that uses acid digestion to recover your platinum from its scrap state to a pure form. The platinum (then in pure form) is weighed and your payment is based on the market spot price of platinum on the settlement date.

The majority of scrap platinum we purchase and refine is from hospitals that perform electrophysiology heart studies. The cardiac catheter tips used in electrophysiology procedures are usually platinum as well are guide wires and other medical devices. We also purchase scrap platinum and other platinum group metals such as palladium and rhodium from industrial sources that use these metals in manufacturing and as chemical catalysts.

PGMs for Refining:

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