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Customers sell gold to Arch Enterprises from many different applications and in many different forms. We process old and unwanted scrap jewelry, coins, dental gold, sweeps and castings.

For gold jewelry, coins, bars, and other items that are marked with a hallmark indicating its karat value, we can issue payment promptly upon receipt of the items. Typical values follow:

24-karat gold – This is nearly 100 percent pure gold at 99.84%.  Unfortunately, it is so soft that it is rarely used for jewelry or much else.  Some international jewelry makers will use versions like 22-karat gold, but it is still very rare in forms other than bars and some coins.

18 karat gold – Used extensively in the design of rings and thicker jewelry, 
this is 74.88% gold mixed with copper or silver.

14 karat gold – One of the most common forms in the US market, 14 karat gold is actually a very durable alloy made up of about 58.24% gold combined other metals like copper, tin, and silver.  It often exhibits a slight reddish hue derived from copper alloys.

10 karat gold  - At approximately 41.60% gold, this is typically the 
least valuable form of jewelry. 


For gold scrap that is not marked with a hallmark, it often takes a little extra time to determine the value as the actual gold content of the material will need to be determined. For instance, we have recycled some dental gold that has been as high as 85% gold, while other “gold” has been as low as 15%.  Regardless of the composition, we work with our customers to determine the value of their scrap gold and provide estimates up front. If you have questions on the content of gold in your scrap, you can contact us and we may be able to test the material free of charge.

We do not refine plated gold items. Unless the material under the plating is a precious metal such as sterling silver, plated items do not have melt value. We recommend running a variety of field testing measures, the first of which is a strong magnet. If the magnet sticks it means your item is not gold and we will not be able to refine it.

If you have an item that you are certain is gold and would like to sell and recycle it, we will be happy to answer any questions and estimate its value. For pieces that are not marked and pass the magnetic test, please contact us about your material before sending it in. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (800) 835-0478.

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