Implementing precious metal recycling programs in hospitals is an ideal way for medical institutions to reduce waste, recover costs, and operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Medical X-Ray Film 
Advanced technology, an ethical business approach, and a centrally located operation have positioned Arch Enterprises as one of the most trusted refiners of medical X-ray film. Arch Enterprises can refine and recycle X-rays from any area, but we offer on-site archive purging services in 8 states including Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

On-Site Medical X-Ray Film Purging and Recycling Process:

  • Trained staff will sort X-ray film archives according to guidelines provided by the hospital and will package film for shipment to refinery facility. Then we will ship to our refining facilities in a HIPAA compliant manner.
  • X-ray film is recycled in a HIPAA compliant manner and the silver is recovered.
  • Certificates of Destruction confirming that the proper process was taken to destroy the sensitive information contained in X-ray films for hospital records are provided.  
  • Hospitals receive payment within days for a percentage of the recovered silver’s market value as soon as the materials are delivered to Arch Enterprises’ facility.

Medical Platinum Devices
Medical devices that contain valuable platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium can be refined and the precious metal recycled back into the medical field. Common medical devices that are ideal for precious metal refining include:

Depending on the volume of materials your hospital facility has to refine, Arch Enterprises can provide services including pick-up, extraction, certification, and quick payment for these items.

With Arch Enterprises’ recycling program, there are no upfront costs and usually, hospitals will receive monetary compensation for their recycling efforts.

For an estimate and more information about starting a precious metal recycling program in your hospital please visit our Request an Estimate Form. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (800) 835-0478.