Industry Information

As precious metal refiners, Arch Enterprises operates in a variety of industries. We routinely field questions about all types of gold and silver items that people want to convert into cash. Listed below are some informative sites that our clients have found helpful. 

GOLDSHEET Mining Directory is a comprehensive worldwide resource for mining related websites, which currently lists over 3000 mining firms, along with newsletters, mutual funds, and other interesting and useful sites.

COINSHEET Numismatic Directory is a comprehensive worldwide resource for coin and currency related websites, which includes over 3000 listings.

Society of American Silversmiths - The world's #1 resource for anything relating to the silversmiths' art and craft.   Includes an Artisan Gallery and library as well as information on Silver Care and Workshops that they offer. Recycle.Net is a business-to-business trading community hub providing Global Access to Recycling Markets in Computer & Telecommunications Recycling and other similar kinds of materials.

Paramount Roll - This company specializes in steel bending but can bend nearly any type of metal.