Platinum Refining & Recovery of Platinum Scrap

Arch Enterprises provides platinum recovery services for industries throughout the United States. Platinum refining can be a very difficult and complicated procedure as platinum is a difficult precious metal to recover.  Our highly-skilled, on-premise metallurgy team has many years of experience in recycling platinum and can ensure you the best return. 

Plus, since we are not a middleman or consolidator, but actually do the platinum refining at our facilities, we can further assure you the best return based on the weight of the platinum refined from your material. We offer fast payment terms and all of the platinum we refine is recycled back to industrial sources.

Platinum recycling helps promote and protect the future use of a valuable natural resource. We are in compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations and take full responsibility for any material we receive.

Platinum refining terms are customized based on the type and quantity of the platinum scrap you have and the service that you need. We have the capabilities to individually process large and small quantities. We can accept one-time shipments and large on-going quantities from industrial sources and work with both companies and individuals. We look forward to becoming your platinum refiner.

Examples of Items Accepted for Platinum Refining

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