Markets We Serve

While obvious examples of precious metal items include jewelry and sterling silver flatware, precious metals are used in a variety of industrial, medical, and dental applications as well.  As refiners, Arch Enterprises has the processing equipment and metallurgical experience to recover all types of low and high grade materials containing gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

Dental Labs

Dental laboratories generate a significant amount of precious metal scrap in the form of shavings, dust, and shreds within vacuum bags, sweeps, air filters, and flooring products.  Arch Enterprises has the unique ability to refine these items and recover the precious metal.

Dentist Offices

Arch Enterprises recycles precious metals used in gold teeth, crowns, bridges, and some silver bearing amalgam.  Our experience in refining low grade precious metal along with the elimination of middlemen ensures that our dental clients earn a much higher yield on their dental scrap.


Arch Enterprises serves eight of the leading hospital groups across the nation, refining and recycling precious metal from EP catheters, angioplasty guide wires, medical X-ray film, and more. Our X-ray purging services, HIPAA compliant processes, and high returns make us a leader in this market.

Medical and Laboratory

Precious metals play an integral role in many medical applications due to their durability and versatility.  This is especially evident as more medical equipment manufacturers turn to metals like platinum for their extreme resistance to chemicals.  Arch has continued to expand its capacity and technology to service this market.


Many companies utilize precious metals in their manufacturing process or produce products that contain varying amounts of high value metals. While the precious metal content used in a particular item or process may be relatively insignificant, the value returned from recycling large quantities of precious metals often justifies the time investment required and helps companies operate in a more cost efficient manner.


By offering very competitive refining rates and quick returns on scrap jewelry and components, jewelers have relied on Arch Enterprises’ precious metal recovery services for years.

Gold Buyers

By working directly with gold party operators and other gold buyers, Arch is able to return some of the highest yields in the industry for scrap gold and silver jewelry, silverware and other items. This along with quick turnaround on payments allows gold buyers to offer their customers more money and build a more loyal clientele.

Metal Detecting

Because many items found by metal detector hobbyists are eroded, broken or degraded, it can be very difficult to determine the precious metal content in many items. Arch’s analytical and testing equipment prove very useful to this market.