Palladium & Rhodium Refining & Recovery | Arch Enterprises

Other than platinum; palladium and rhodium are the most common platinum group metals and their values make them essential for refining and recovery.  Unfortunately, refining these metals can be difficult to perform without the proper equipment and trained personnel. Arch Enterprises has this expertise.  Our highly-skilled metallurgy team has over 20 years experience in metal refining and is equipped with a laboratory that has the proper tools to perform hydrometallurgical recovery on your palladium and rhodium scrap material.

Since we are not a middleman or consolidator, but actually refine the palladium and rhodium at our facility, we can ensure a maximum payment in a quick manner based on the weight of the precious metals recovered.  In addition, we are in compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

Examples of Items Accepted for Palladium & Rhodium Refining

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