Gold Buyers

For gold buyers looking for a better return for their business, Arch Enterprises works with jewelers, pawn shops, and gold party operators on a regular basis.  We not only provide some of the highest yields in the industry but we develop lasting business partnerships with our gold buying customers.  Plus, with our expertise in silver refining, we can offer some of the best returns in the industry for scrap silver jewelry, silverware, and other items.

We understand that gold buyers have to put out a large amount of upfront money, so a quick turnaround and payment is essential. Since the price of gold fluctuates every day, it is ideal to work with a refiner like Arch Enterprises that can pay quickly to ensure that you receive as close to the price of the gold as the price paid to your customers. 

     Kelly Rostic, owner of The Gold Lady said:

"What most impresses me about Arch Enterprises is their quick turn-around time and customer service. I overnight my gold to the refinery and by the next afternoon, the gold is processed and I have money wire-transferred into my business account. Since the price of gold is constantly changing, I feel I have the best chance of getting top dollar because I don't have to wait long for processing. Whenever I call Arch Enterprises, everyone I deal with is polite and professional. With the gold business booming right now, I hope for continued success with my business, The Gold Lady."

Notes on Stone Removal
As a precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises specializes in melting precious metal and returning it to industry.  We are not gemologists and consequently ask that all valuable stones and gems be extracted from jewelry prior to shipment. Buyers should remove these stones for the consumer if they wish to retain these items.

To learn more about our silver, platinum, and gold refining services, please fill out our Request an Estimate Form. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (800) 835-0478.