Metal Detecting

The metal detecting community benefits from our refining service because items do not have to be in “good” condition to have a high melt value. Plus, many items found are eroded, broken or degraded and it can be very difficult to determine the precious metal content in them. With our analytic testing equipment we can determine the exact ratios of precious metal in items. Armed with this analysis, Arch can give an estimate to customers about their precious metal materials over the phone or through our contact form.

We recommend that one does their research before sending anything in to ensure that the item does not have more value than what could be recovered in precious metal content.  Typical items that one can find with a metal detecting device that are perfect for refining include:

  • Broken Gold, Silver, or Platinum Jewelry
  • Single Earrings
  • Broken Watches
  • Junk Silver and Gold Coins
  • Wedding Bands

Tip: Precious metal is not magnetic. Run a strong magnet over jewelry, if the magnet picks up the jewelry, most likely the items do not contain enough precious metal to warrant refining them.

Stone Removal
Arch Enterprises specializes in the refining of precious metals. Please remove any valuable stones and gems before sending them in to be refined.

To receive an estimate about our scrap silver, platinum, and gold refining services fill out our Request an Estimate form. Serious inquires are best served by calling our toll free number at (800) 835-0478.