Looking to sell gold and silver?

With the high market prices for gold, silver, and platinum, selling unwanted items like those gold earrings missing their mates or that sterling silver flatware you inherited from your great aunt, provides an easy way to get money for something that has little value to you.  If you are like most people, however, the thought of going to a pawn shop doesn’t thrill you and since it’s unlikely your favorite jeweler has a refinery in their store, Arch Enterprises is an ideal alternative.

As a certified precious metal refinery, we work directly with many of the largest companies in the United States to extract and refine high-value metals from their industrial components and processing materials.  These companies rely on us for our experience and technology and because we refine the metals in our own factory, we can offer them the best return of their refined metals.

This same logic applies to our consumer clients.  If you want to sell your unwanted gold and silver to a reputable company that pays top dollar for your unwanted items, please contact us for a free estimate.

Some of the more common items we refine include:



Scrap Gold

Scrap Silver Scrap Platinum

Gold Bars

Silver Bars   Palladium & Platinum Wire
Gold Coins Silver Coins Catalytic Converters
Gold Jewelry Silver Jewelry EP Catheters
Gold Teeth Sterling Silver Flatware  
  Silver Oxide Batteries  
  Photographic Film  
  X-Ray Film  


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