Arch Enterprises Now Accepts Silver Oxide Batteries for Metal Refining and Recycling

Mexico, Mo (June 2009) -- Arch Enterprises is helping the environment and reclaiming precious metal for the battery industry with the addition of its new silver oxide battery recycling program. Often referred to as silver zinc, watch and button cell batteries, silver oxide batteries are regularly used to power products like hearing aids, watches, cameras and calculators. Historically, many silver oxide batteries were potentially harmful to the environment. This environmental risk combined with the value of the silver in the batteries, makes them an ideal item for refining and recycling.

"Silver oxide batteries often end up in a landfill, leaking chemicals into the ground," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "These batteries can be easily recycled so that the silver is separated from the other materials. Recyclers then receive money back for the silver content and the assurance that they safely disposed of any chemicals."

Battery stores, jewelers, watch stores and audiologists often have extra silver oxide batteries lying around needing to be recycled. But traditional recycling does not return anything. Arch Enterprises pays these individuals a substantial percentage of the silver value. The only restriction is that Arch Enterprises requests a minimum of one pound of batteries in order for the metal content to be worthwhile.

"Arch Enterprises has a strong history of working with industrial products," said DiNatale. "We have relationships with the top film companies, major hospitals and are endorsed by the Missouri and Kansas Dental Association. We are excited to forge new relationships within the battery industry and its related industries by beginning our new silver oxide battery division."

About Arch Enterprises
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