Arch Enterprises Publishes a Precious Metal Refining Blog and Forum

Mexico, MO (October 2009) -- Arch Enterprises created a precious metal forum and blog where people can ask questions about the industry and get honest answers regarding the melt values of their precious metal items. With over 13 years of experience, precious metal refiner, Arch Enterprises, is poised to provide answers about all scrap precious materials including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and more.

"We wanted to reach out to individuals who are hesitant to refine and recycle precious metal items because they don't know what they have or because they are afraid of being ripped off," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "The blog is intended to help consumers make more informed decisions when selling precious metal and decide what the best move is for them. The answer is not always going to be to take their items to a refiner and we know that. We'd rather see someone have a positive experience in this market than have a bad experience and write off the whole industry."

The silver and gold refining forum accepts questions and comments about the precious metal industry from individuals and companies around the country. From silver coins to dental scrap, Arch Enterprises answers questions about all aspects of precious metal refining from those looking to sell a few pieces of jewelry, flatware or coins to industrial operations that have truckloads of scrap materials such as x-ray film, medical device components, photographic film, catalytic converters and metal plating byproducts.

"Our goal is to give straightforward answers to consumer's questions. If there is one person asking, there has to be someone else out there asking themselves the same question. We know that this is not an easy industry to gain a full understanding of, especially if an individual has never sold precious metal items," said Julie DiNatale.

The precious metal blog and forum incorporates photos and video to demonstrate the refining process. People have the ability to send in their own photos with their forum questions, as well as leave comments to previous posts. To view the latest forum entry visit

About Arch Enterprises
Arch Enterprises is one of the nation's leading precious metal refineries. Located in the heart of Missouri, Arch Enterprises became incorporated in 1997 and provides recovery services for all scrap precious metal materials including gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium. Arch Enterprises performs extraction services for the photo, medical, dental and jewelry industries but also works with consumers on a regular basis to recover metals from old coins, flatware, jewelry and other decorative pieces. Chemical manufacturing and plating companies also rely on Arch Enterprises, as one of few precious metal refineries in the U.S. that offers recycling services for metal-containing chemical catalysts. For more information about Arch Enterprises or to receive a quote for metal refining services, visit or call 1-800-835-0478.