Gold Party Buyers Work Directly with Arch Enterprises to Avoid Middleman Operations

Mexico, MO, (December 2009) -- With gold prices reaching record breaking highs and staying well above $1,100.00 USD per ounce, entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities in the growing market with gold parties. In this new home party business, instead of buying products, guests walk out with cash for their scrap gold jewelry. Gold party buyers or representatives usually go through a parent company for gold appraisal equipment and organization supplies. However, they are also obligated to send in collected gold to the parent company for refinement. Since these companies are typically not refiners, they have to make their profit by simply organizing some of the business materials and training.

"Gold parties can be fun and profitable for the guests, host and representative when everyone is upfront and honest about pricing," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "Many people are willing to sell at gold parties instead of mailing in items themselves. This is because there is a level of comfort being at a friend's house and receiving a cash payment on the spot. Gold party representatives should tell guests that the host will receive a percentage for having the party, reveal the percentage that the representative collects and disclose how much the gold costs to refine. You will find that party guests are still willing to sell after knowing this information in exchange for the convenience of not having to wait for payment."

Many gold party companies are similar to pyramid type business arrangements where each representative sends the collected scrap jewelry to a main operating company for refinement. This company then keeps a percentage and the price to refine. However, it is very possible for people with the appropriate skills and knowledge to go into business for themselves without having to go through a parent company. Many independent gold party operators have benefitted more by working directly with a precious metal refiner.

"What most impresses me about Arch Enterprises is their quick turn-around time and customer service," said Kelly Rostic, gold party representative and owner of The Gold Lady. "I overnight my gold to the refinery and by the next afternoon, the gold is processed and I have money wire-transferred into my business account. Since the price of gold is constantly changing, I feel I have the best chance of getting top dollar because I don't have to wait long for processing. Whenever I call Arch Enterprises, everyone I deal with is polite and professional. With the gold business booming right now and as we approach the holidays, I hope for continued success with my business, The Gold Lady."

Arch Enterprises works directly with gold party representatives paying 80 to 90 percent or even more of the gold's value, depending on the grade and volume of items. People with experience in the gold industry can put their skills to use by buying gold at gold parties. For a free quote or more information about Arch Enterprises' gold refining services call 1-800-835-0478 or visit

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