Arch Enterprises Promotes Consumer Education by Offering Silver and Gold Value Calculator

Mexico, MO (July 2010) -- In an ongoing effort to help educate consumers about the value of their silver and gold items, Arch Enterprises has launched a free silver and gold value calculator on their company website. With this tool, a consumer can easily find the approximate market value of their items without having to convert weights to troy ounces or figure out any mathematical formulas.

A user only needs to know the weight of their item and the grade or purity of the item. They will also need the current market price of gold, but there is a link to this information on the page. Once all of this information is entered, the silver and gold calculator will instantly give an approximate value. For additional understanding, a detailed example shows the exact process the calculator goes through to return a value.

This tool is intended to calculate gold and silver value on consumer items where the grade and purity is known. Items such as marked jewelry, decorations and silverware are optimal for the calculator. Items that are unmarked or in raw form typically need to undergo analytical testing at Arch's facility in order to determine the percentage of precious metal content.

As one of the few precious metal refineries to work directly with the public, Arch has found that consumers are very confused about the worth of their items. In addition to the calculator, Arch Enterprises provides information about refining and recycling everything from dental scrap to X-ray film on their website and hosts a precious metal blog and forum where people are welcome to ask questions about selling silver, gold and platinum items.

"Educated consumers are typically the best customers for Arch Enterprises," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "Many companies take advantage of uneducated gold and silver sellers by getting them to mail in their items and then pay them as little as 20% of the items' value. We help people determine the market value of the precious metal content up front and disclose our fees to refine their items so that they can make a more educated decision."

People can find the free silver and gold value calculator on Arch Enterprises' website at or call 800-835-0478 for a precious metal estimate.

About Arch Enterprises
Arch Enterprises is one of the nation's leading precious metal refineries. Located in the heart of Missouri, Arch Enterprises became incorporated in 1997 and provides recovery services for all scrap precious metal materials including gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium. Arch Enterprises performs extraction services for the photo, medical, dental and jewelry industries but also works with consumers on a regular basis to recover metals from old coins, flatware, jewelry and other decorative pieces. Chemical manufacturing and plating companies also rely on Arch Enterprises, as one of few precious metal refineries in the U.S. that offers recycling services for metal-containing chemical catalysts. For more information about Arch Enterprises or to receive a quote for metal refining services, visit or call 1-800-835-0478.