Arch Enterprises Expands X-Ray Film Refining Services

Mexico, Mo (October 2009) - Arch Enterprises expands its x-ray recycling services to include on-site purging of x-rays and x-ray refining in eight states including Alabama, Northern Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee, and offers x-ray recycling services to organizations nationwide through a network of logistic providers. With extensive experience in the silver refining process coupled with these new x-ray archive purging services, Arch Enterprises has positioned itself as the premier x-ray film refiner in the industry.

"Our on-site x-ray film recycling services are unique because we have made the process as convenient for customers as possible," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "There is virtually no work on their end due to the fact that we take care of everything from labor and sorting to providing all the materials necessary for film collection such as gaylord boxes, skids and drums. Also, because about one-fifth of the world's silver is used in x-ray film, recycling these items is optimal for the environment."

Instead of having to send in or transport x-ray films, Arch Enterprises has streamlined the entire process by coordinating everything from pick up to post refinery documentation. At no extra charge, Arch Enterprises' professional staff provides complete sorting services and removal of x-ray films. Due to the sensitive information contained in medical x-ray film, Arch Enterprises has been performing HIPAA compliant recycling services for over thirteen years. Certificates of Destruction are available confirming that the proper process was taken to destroy this sensitive information. The company also offers documentation of general liability and environmental insurance policies.

"We currently work with eight of the top 100 hospital groups in the country. Our experienced team takes every precaution necessary to ensure that the x-ray materials are disposed of according to government regulations and in an environmentally friendly manor. As a precious metal refiner, we can recover the highest amount of silver possible for the greatest return for our customers. In addition, if the hospital or organization is not in one of the states we travel to, Arch Enterprises will accept x-rays from anywhere in the nation," said Julie DiNatale.

Arch Enterprises also recycles industrial x-rays working with industries such as the automotive, aerospace, foundries, petrochemical and power generation. There is not a minimum amount of x-ray material required in order to recycle and customers are guaranteed payment within one week of purge completion or pickup. Estimates can be requested by calling 1-800-835-0478 or by visiting

About Arch Enterprises
Arch Enterprises is one of the nation's leading precious metal refineries. Located in the heart of Missouri, Arch Enterprises became incorporated in 1997 and provides recovery services for all scrap precious metal materials including gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium. Arch Enterprises performs extraction services for the photo, medical, dental and jewelry industries but also works with consumers on a regular basis to recover metals from old coins, flatware, jewelry and other decorative pieces. Chemical manufacturing and plating companies also rely on Arch Enterprises, as one of few precious metal refineries in the U.S. that offers recycling services for metal-containing chemical catalysts. For more information about Arch Enterprises or to receive a quote for metal refining services, visit or call 1-800-835-0478.