Arch Enterprises Announces New Catalytic Converter Refinement Program

Central Missouri (March 2009) -- Precious metal refinery, Arch Enterprises, recently announced the expansion of their precious metal refinement capabilities to include catalytic converters. Especially useful for mechanics, junkyards and used car dealerships, Arch Enterprises can take these catalytic converters and remove the platinum, palladium and rhodium for refining.

"Only about half the catalytic converters in America are currently being refined at the end of a vehicle's life," said Julie DiNatale, national sales manager for Arch Enterprises. "At the same time, nearly every vehicle in the US and Canada utilizes a catalytic converter to help reduce the toxicity of the emissions being released into the environment. These devices are meant to help reduce a car's carbon footprint. Fortunately, now Arch Enterprises can help recycle these parts for their precious metal so that the remains don't spend eternity in a junkyard or a landfill."

Inside of catalytic converters, the precious metal acts as the catalyst in a chemical reaction that cleans the vehicle's emissions. Typically, the catalysts are either inside the converter as a honeycomb piece or pellets. Arch Enterprises now accepts the honeycomb mesh, pellets or the entire converter. The amount paid for each converter depends on the actual precious metal content on the interior of the converter, the type of metal present and other factors.

"Not only does refining the contents of converters recycle the precious metal in catalytic converters, refining helps industry professionals recycle the proceeds from these parts back into their businesses," said DiNatale. "In this economy, every little bit helps. We hope to help junkyard owners, mechanics and others reclaim value in their scrapped vehicles."

Catalytic converters are not only found in cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. They are often used on generator sets, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses, trains and other engine-equipped machines. Arch Enterprises does not have a minimum or maximum set for these parts, so they will accept shipments as small as one converter. Arch Enterprises encourages individuals to request an estimate prior to shipping in materials. Estimates can be obtained by calling 1-800- 835-0478 or by visiting


About Arch Enterprises

Arch Enterprises is one of the nation's leading precious metal refineries. Located in the heart of Missouri, Arch Enterprises became incorporated in 1997 and provides recovery services for all scrap precious metal materials including gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium. Arch Enterprises performs extraction services for the photo, medical, dental and jewelry industries but also works with consumers on a regular basis to recover metals from old coins, flatware, jewelry and other decorative pieces. Chemical manufacturing and plating companies also rely on Arch Enterprises, as one of few precious metal refineries in the U.S. that offers recycling services for metal-containing chemical catalysts. For more information about Arch Enterprises or to receive a quote for metal refining services, visit or call 1-800-835-0478.