Silver Bearing Glass Solar Panels

As of January 1st, 2018 Arch Enterprises is utilizing a new and proprietary process for the reclamation and recovery of Silver and Silica values from glass solar panels. The service is being extended to large generators of this material, primarily the manufacturers and distributors of silver and silica bearing glass solar panels.

The panel glass is received in partial or full truck load quantities at our recovery and refining facility located in Mexico, Missouri. The process involves the utilization of a catalyst that allows the easy release of the silver bearing emulsion coatings on the back side of the glass solar panel. In process recirculating filtration and a thorough post process rinse renders a clean and desirable silica that meets manufacturing specifications for multiple markets.

From the time of receipt of the material at our recovery facility, the turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks. Upon completion of the recovery process, the customers that send the material to us are paid by check or bank wire.

The settlement values made to the customer's are determined by the current market prices of silver and silica.

PLEASE NOTE: We only refine solar panels that contain silver.  We can accept silver-silica combination panels, but we cannot accept panels that do not contain any silver in their composition.

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