Photographic Film Recycling & Recovery

Arch Enterprises recovers silver from photographic film and photographic papers through our comprehensive film silver recovery and recycling process. We have the capability to handle large amounts of scrap silver-bearing films and photo papers. From full truck-loads to smaller amounts we can handle your material quickly and efficiently. Payment for your material will vary depending on the quantity, frequency, and type of silver-bearing films or paper that you have.

We recover the silver from many types of films used in the photographic industry and can recycle used films, virgin films, and other virgin silver-bearing photo papers. Examples include:

  • Medical and industrial X-rays
  • Lithographic films
  • Black and white films
  • Consumer films
  • Professional films

The scrap films are treated and processed in our facility for photographic film recovery services. During the recycling process the film’s content (if any) is destroyed. We follow HIPAA procedures for all medical X-rays. In addition, all of our silver recovery operations for film recycling are in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

We offer quick payment and competitive refining terms for film silver recovery to meet your company’s needs. Please let us know what type of scrap film you have, the quantity and frequency and we will be present you with a custom silver film refining quote for your material.

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