Sell Silver Jewelry

Most silver jewelry sold in the United States is made from “Sterling Silver” an alloy that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metals. Because of this, even if it is broken, out of style, or unwanted for any reason, it still has value and worth it to sell silver jewelry. However, plated silver jewelry has little or no intrinsic silver value and is NOT worth refining. Plated jewelry is often depicted by an A1 or something similar.

Silver jewelry made in the US is typically marked with one of the following:

  • Sterling
  • .925
  • 925/1000
  • .900
  • 900/1000
  • .800
  • 800/1000

If you know that your piece was made in the US after the 1850’s and does not have one of the above markings, it is probably not sterling. Also keep in mind that sterling silver is much less valuable than gold, so very small amounts of silver is typically not worth refining. We recommend having 5-6 ounces or more of sterling silver to make refining beneficial for all parties involved.

If you are asking “where to sell silver jewelry,” as a silver refining company, we melt down this jewelry and recover the silver content to sell back to industry.  We then pay you based on the value of silver on the international commodities market.  By choosing a refiner to sell silver jewelry to, you cut out the markup typically charged by jewelers or pawn shops that usually charge higher fees and still turn around and send it to a refiner like us.

If you are unsure about the purity of your silver jewelry items or if your sterling items are ideal for refining please contact us at (800) 835-0478 or contact us online and we would be happy to assist you in your silver refining needs.


Arch Enterprises is NOT a jeweler, antique dealer, or jewelry seller. We only take into account the weight of your silverware and the amount of silver available for recovery. We CANNOT give estimates based on the make, manufacture date, rarity, or collectability of items.

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