Want to Sell Gold Jewelry?

Dealing directly with the refiner is the best way to ensure you get the most for your unwanted gold jewelry.

Selling gold jewelry that is broken, unused, or simply out of style can be a very easy way to turn a useless asset into something of value.  Broken gold chains, earrings that are missing their partners, and rings that have lost their stones are obvious examples.  Of course, we also get plenty of class rings, cuff links, and other gold jewelry that simply does not have much value beyond the weight of its gold. 

To determine what you might get when you sell this jewelry, it will be important to consider the value of the gold in the pieces.  Most jewelry is marked (oftentimes very inconspicuously) with its karat value.  For the most part, the higher the gold content, the higher the karat value, and the more the gold is worth.  Here is the karat chart again for your review.

24-karat gold – This is nearly 100 percent pure gold at 99.84%.  Unfortunately, it is so soft that it is rarely used for jewelry or much else.  Some international jewelry makers will use versions like 22-karat gold, but it is still very rare in forms other than bars and some coins.

 18-karat gold – Used extensively in the design of rings and thicker jewelry, 
this is 74.88% gold mixed with copper or silver.

 14-karat gold – One of the most common forms in the US market, 14 karat gold is actually a very durable alloy made up of about 58.24% gold combined other metals like copper, tin, and silver.  It often exhibits a slight reddish hue derived from copper alloys.

 10-karat gold  - At 41.60%, this is typically the least valuable form of gold jewelry.

 As noted above, most jewelry in the US and Canada is made from 14 karat gold which has just a bit over half its weight in actual gold.  The remaining metals (copper, tin, silver) can also be refined, but unless we are dealing with large collections or heavy pieces, there will be little value in these metals.

By working directly with a refiner like Arch Enterprises, you eliminate the middleman (jeweler or pawn shop) and ensure yourself the best value for your precious metal. 

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