Want to Sell Gold Teeth?

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The Kansas Dental Association has endorsed Arch Enterprises for its gold refining services.
National Association of 
Dental Laboratories

Arch Enterprises is a supplier member with the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

For years, dentists and dental labs have understood the value of precious metals and that of working with a precious metal refiner like Arch Enterprises.  Because refining dental scrap is such a difficult process that takes years to master, inexperienced refiners are often unable to extract the full amount of precious metal from the scrap. 

Arch Enterprises can ensure maximum payment for those looking to sell gold teeth and bridgework.   Please note that the actual gold content may vary significantly from one tooth to another.  Most dental gold is 16-karat gold, an alloy that also contains metals like silver, copper, palladium, and zinc, but some dentists alter the percentages of gold dramatically from one cap or bridge to another.  Regardless of the content and percentages, we refine out all valuable metals and offer payment for every material with value.

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The best part about selling gold teeth is that unlike that heirloom gold necklace or grandma’s old sterling silver flatware, dental gold typically has very little emotional value.  For the most part, we are simply turning a useless asset into money that you can spend on something more interesting.

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