Dental Scrap Recycling

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The Kansas Dental Association has endorsed Arch Enterprises for its gold refining services.
National Association of 
Dental Laboratories

Arch Enterprises is a supplier member with the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

Dental offices across the country collect scrap dental gold and precious metals in various forms. Extracted gold teeth, old crowns, and bridges; grindings and sweepings all hold value for the precious metals located in the scrap material which can contain gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.  The process of refining this material can be very difficult so many dentists simply keep their scrap “dental gold” in a safe place, but never turn it into anything of value.  Arch Enterprises has a highly trained metallurgy team to handle the recycling of your dental scrap. Regardless of the content and percentages, we refine out all valuable and offer payment for every material with value.

How We Refine Scrap Dental Gold

  • The material is weighed, characterized, logged into our system and the customer is notified that the material was received.
  • Hydrometallurgical methods are used to dissolve the metal into metal ions in a chloride solution. Through selective precipitation each metal is removed separately either as a metal (gold) or as a salt (platinum and palladium). The salts are subsequently returned to a metal state and each of the precious metals (in pure form at this time) is weighed to determine the amount due to the customer.
  • A detailed report is written for the customer describing the actual quantities of the precious metal recovered, the market metal prices, and refining terms. This settlement report is provided to the customer with payment within 30 days of material receipt.

Why choose us?

Arch Enterprises is endorsed by the Kansas Dental Association and provides members with discounted refining fees. We are dedicated to providing all dentists with honest and accurate refining services for their scrap dental gold material.


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